What does a wheat allergy mean?

Wheat allergy occurs when there is an allergic reaction to gluten (the protein found in wheat, rye, barley and oats). Gluten refers to a group of proteins that are difficult for humans to digest. One group of proteins called gliadin is thought to do most of the damage to the intestinal lining. Glutenins are another group of proteins found in gluten and thought to be associated with autoimmune skin diseases and asthma. Gluten proteins are extremely resistant to intestinal digestion, despite grinding, cooking, processing and digestion.

Gluten causes damage to the intestinal lining by eroding the villi and microvilli essential for digestion and absorption processes. This damage then increases the likelihood of partially digested gluten proteins passing into the bloodstream. Certain proteins cause our immune systems to react. Undigested partial proteins found in gluten cereals have morphine-like properties once they enter the bloodstream, suggesting an origin for the phrase ‘comfort foods’ and its addictive nature. Once an immune response has been initiated, inflammatory reactions can cause a whole host of wheat allergy symptoms. A gluten/wheat allergy may not always be a severe frequent reaction but can result in many digestive symptoms – flatulence, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, pain etc. – and may aggravate a host of other symptoms:

  • tiredness
  • skin rashes
  • cramps
  • acne and boils
  • sweating
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • psoriasis
  • arthritis
  • eczema
  • anxiety
  • depression

Wheat is more likely to cause an allergic reaction than any other grain. Modern wheat has been developed to contain higher gluten levels for the manufacture of bread and other products, and our digestive systems were not designed to cope with the indigestible proteins. Some people with a wheat allergy find they can tolerate oats, however it is important to note that oats are often processed and stored alongside other grains.


Read Labels Carefully! Here is what you will find on labels.

Common Names of Wheat and gluten containing products / Always contains it

Gluten / Vital Gluten
Durum wheat
Triticale (wheat and rye blend)
White flour
All-purpose flour
Wholewheat flour
Semolina (refined durum flour)
Couscous (cracked wheat)
Graham flour
Bulgar (partially cooked and toasted cracked wheat)
Wholemeal flour
Plain and self-raising flour
Barley (extract, flavour, flour, malt)

Wheat can be found in many food products in different forms:

  • Food starch
  • Starch / modified starch
  • corn starch
  • food starch
  • special edible starch
  • Cereal filler / extract
  • cereal binders
  • cereal protein
  • cereal starch
  • edible starch
  • wheat protein
  • wheat starch
  • wheat berries
  • wheat bran
  • wheatmeal
  • thickening agent / thickener
  • hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP)
  • MSG
  • Binder
  • Rusk

Common Sources / Foods Containing Wheat

Bread – pitta, Chapatiis and naan bread
Most kinds of rye bread (unless states 100% rye)
BAKED GOODS – Cookies, Pastries, Buns, scones, cakes, muffins
Battered or breaded products
Baking powder
Packet sauce mixes
Dressings and sauces
Vinegar (if derived from wheat grains)
Tinned soups
Most breakfast cereals
Some rye crispbreads
Crumpets, pancakes (buckwheat pancakes unless states 100% buckwheat)
Ice cream
Taramasalata (contains breadcrumbs)
Mustards and mayonnaise (check labels)
Stock cubes
Beer, vodka, gin
Soy sauce
Ready-made foods, sauces
Most muesli’s

Alternatives…a guide to getting started.

Today there are many wheat-free alternatives for a wide variety of traditional wheat products.
These days it is a lot easier to cope with a wheat allergy as there are many wheat free alternatives available in the supermarket, and health stores including flours, bread and pastas, cookies and snacks. There are also many wheat-free ready mixes (eg. For pastry, cakes and cookies) available, taking the hard work out of preparing a mixture of wheat-free flours.

Below are other alternatives that you can experiment with.

  • CORN: flour, pasta, cornflakes, crispbread, chips, polenta, bread, nachos, tortillas, popcorn. – cornflour is one of the best thickening agents (ensure the corn flour is 100% corn flours with no added wheat flour)
    • cornmeal can be prepared as polenta
  • MILLET: flour, pasta, flakes
    • millet grains are boiled as rice and are very nutritious – good in soups and casseroles
    • millet flakes are great for making your own muesli
  • BUCKWHEAT: also called ‘kasha’ – flour, pasta
    • despite it’s name, buckwheat is NOT related to wheat at all
    • buckwheat oats are also great for making your own muesli
    • Japanese soba noodles are made from buckwheat (check labels on supermarket brands)
    • Buckwheat flour is useful for making blinis, pancakes and other baking recipes. (check label to ensure it is 100% buckwheat)
  • RICE: flour, pasta, flakes, cakes, bread
    • basmati or brown rice is best
  • QUINOA (pronounced ‘keen-wa’): flour, flakes, pasta, quinoa puffs
    • a ‘complete’ protein, very nutritious – can be called the perfect food
    • quinoa grains are boiled as rice
    • can be used as an alternative to couscous
  • AMARANTH, TAPIOCA (from the cassava plant), ARROWROOT, GRAM FLOUR (from chickpeas), LENTIL FLOUR
    • useful for thickening agents
    • gram flour can be used to make wheat free popadums.

If you are avoiding wheat only and can tolerate oats, rye, and barley then the following may be options for you to explore:

  • OATS: oatmeal, flour, oatcakes
    • oats make a great breakfast, raw with fruit and chopped nuts
    • oatcakes are a good substitute for crackers
    • make your own flapjacks or biscuits for a delicious wheat-free treat!
  • RYE : bread, flour, crispbread
    • ensure bread and crispbread are 100% rye by checking labels
  • BARLEY: flour
    • useful for pancakes

What About SPELT?

Spelt is an ancient grain related to wheat that was used as a staple food in early Europe . However spelt is now being cultivated again. It is more nutritious than wheat, but still contains gluten (a protein found in wheat.) Compared to wheat though, it is more easily digestible, rich in complex carbohydrates and fibre, and has a higher protein content than wheat. Some people with a wheat intolerance can tolerate spelt, but it is best AVOIDED during the initial stages of wheat free diet. If you have a wheat allergy, consult your doctor before eating spelt.

NATURAL allergy relief

Many allergy sufferers have been liberated from years of debilitating allergy symptoms by an alternative allergy treatment. This method harnessed the awesome power of the mind to relieves allergies and eliminate them completely. It has been shown to be successful in the majority of patients treated. It is the same mechanism that heal people of terminal illness or cancer.

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Mind power for relief of allergy symptoms

Numerous studies are now showing that allergy symptoms can quickly and permanently be relieved with the application of simple techniques of mind-power. Biofeedback, self-hypnosis, auto-suggestion have been having lasting results in the relief of symptoms of allergy, whether it be to foods, to wine, strawberries or tomatoes, even pollen and dust mites.

There is a relief for your symptoms of allergy. For less than the cost of a doctor’s visit and dangerous drugs with potential long-term side-effects, you can now buy yourself permanent relief of your symptoms, and bring yourself back to complete health. Aren’t you worth it?

Take this easy Home Study Course to find out how we make ourselves sick, how disease starts in the body and what are the messages the body is trying to give you when you get sick. You deserve to be healthy today.

Tracing your food allergy to its REAL source!

It is worthwhile to note the symptoms and look into their meaning. Allergies seem to have a strong emotional component, after reviewing the psychological profile of thousands of allergy sufferers. This may come as a surprise to many, but in fact, the key to a long-term relief of allergies and the return to a normal life could be based on resolving an emotional or psychological issue.

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From the desk of Dr Magne, author with Wallace D. Wattles of The Science of Being Well Home Study Course

 The movie The Secret reveals for the first time on film the secret of the ages and how the Law of Attraction can help you improve your health. There are important health-oriented aspects of it that are revealed to you in The Home Study course.


Secret #1: The True Purpose of Meditation


Many people feel a sense of fascination when confronted with the possibility of psychic intuition and heightened mental functioning. While meditators often report these sorts of improvements, these experiences are not the primary reason for practice. The purpose of meditation is to bring us back to ourselves.

 As we become healthier, happier and realize greater self-awareness, the other benefits of meditation begin to follow naturally — improved mental functioning, greater intuition as well as greater access to unconscious resources and abilities.

 Secret #2: Distraction Does Not Equal Failure

 Meditation is not work in the sense that you have to “force” yourself to concentrate completely for long periods of time. If we consciously try to prevent thinking, it’s going to have a negative impact on the meditation.


Instead, whenever we become lost in thought or confusion, we simply acknowledge those thoughts and then gently return the attention to the object of the meditation. We do this as many times as distraction or thought occurs. Eventually, the mind becomes calmer and discursive thought begins to slow.

Secret #3: Insight Alone Is Not Enough

 Insight alone will not transform our lives. Meditation is likely to help us by giving us larger perspectives and increasing clarity of thought. But although our sense of inner guidance might become stronger, unless we ACT on that guidance, we will never manifest the changes we truly want in our lives.

 This doesn’t just mean we need to take action in our outer world, for example, having an honest conversation with a friend or paying a bill.

It also means we must actively request the assistance of the unconscious in a clear and persistent way. When you do that, as I teach in “Secrets of Meditation, Energy and Manifestation,” you find yourself magnetically drawn toward your dreams with an irresistible impulse.


Secret #4: Learn To Let Go

 Once you have made your request, it’s important that you let go. Don’t be concerned with HOW you’re going to get what you truly want in your life. Needing to know how can hamper the process of making it manifest in the outer world. Learn to trust your unconscious.

 Some changes — perhaps all of them — will happen automatically. I have personally found that many of my less desirable habits simply dropped away with minimal conscious effort.

 For me, this was achieved by a “letting go” and a realization that spiritual growth is a natural process powered by parts of ourselves that know more than we can understand consciously.

 As we let go consciously and receive more input from these parts, we learn to trust this feeling, this feeling that we are in safe hands and that something amazing is about to happen.

 Dr Magne


A step-by-step course you can take to improve your health, look younger and feel better for the first time in ages.

Claim your FREE First Secret of Abundant Health at www.thescienceofbeingwell.biz

From the desk of Dr Magne, author of Cancer Free For Life.  In the 17th century, the philosopher and scientist Descartes proposed the separation of the mind from the body. Descartes was encouraged by the Pope that he could pursue the study of human anatomy within the domain of science, as long as he left the study of the soul or mind to the church. So began the western’s world separation of the body and mind. That disconnection is now being remedied by modern science. Today studies by researchers in the emerging field of Psycho Neuro Immunology, PNI for short, have hard data explaining the mind/body connection. The same proof is now emerging from the field of quantum physics, and the more we research the mechanisms of the universe, the more we realize that we are made of the same primordial stuff and energy, and that all is connected, including the mind and the body. 

How does the mind/body connection work? It is explained in the complex pathways that run between the brain and the body’s nervous, endocrine, circulatory, and immune systems. We are literally wired by the brain, but it is our emotions and thoughts that trigger the complex chain of activities  that create physical manifestations such as increased blood pressure and heart rate, depletion of immune functions, and disruption of the body’s resting state.

 Science has shown that the brain signals the immune system via receptors on the surface of immune system cells, which accept chemical neurotransmitters released by the nervous system. These breakthrough studies have traced the body/mind connection to the level of cellular biology. Some cellular communication has been translated, but the full body language has yet to be unlocked.

How does this information affect us in our everyday lives? Stress is one area in which we can clearly see the body/mind connection. Subject a person to enough stress, and that stress will manifest in the body through nerve-fibre chemicals that tell immune cells what to do. The body expresses the stress as headaches, rashes, irritable bowel, hypertension, insomnia, or pain. Eventually, the physical effects of long-term stress may lead to cancer, heart attack, or other chronic conditions. The reverse is also true as chemicals released by immune system cells affect the brain. For example, when the body is fighting an illness, our minds often become drowsy.

 The good news is that while our emotions and thoughts can play a role in making us sick, we can also use them to help make us well. Better still, our minds can potentially keep us from getting ill in the first place. The mind has a tremendous power to heal or harm. How you use this power is up to you: your body does respond to the way you think, feel and act at every moment of every day. There are some simple ways to use the mind/body connection to benefit health:

  • Pay attention to your inner life. Don’t dwell on fear and negative thoughts. your perception or belief about your environment is more important than its reality.
  • Express yourself in appropriate ways. Learn to recognize your emotions and what’s causing them. At times we may need the assistance of therapists, doctors and spiritual advisors to help us understand ourselves better.
  • Establish social relationships. People involved with family, friends, and community seem to live longer, healthier lives.
  • Develop a positive mental outlook and sense of humour, Pollyanna was right. Laugh heartily at least once a day. Judge less and love more.
  • Seek spiritual fulfillment. Examine and draw upon what gives you meaning in life.
  • Connect with animals. Our pets keep us in touch with our basic needs. Numerous studies show connecting with pets is a significant factor in good health.
  • Learn meditation, visualization, prayer, yoga, hypnosis, or biofeedback. Find which of these is right for you.
  • Repeat positive affirmations to yourself, such as “I am in perfect balance. I bless my body with love.” These can reverse the changes brought on by stress.
  • Get regular exercise, enough sleep, and maintain good nutrition. Why? Aside from the obvious health benefits, societal beliefs list exercise, sleep and proper nutrition as the way to be healthy. When we engage in these activities, our perception is that what we are dong is good for us. These practices change our attitudes and reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Do not self-medicate with excess food, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Short-term relief can lead to long-term problems.

Dr Magne has been researching the origins and alternative cures for cancer for the past 25 years. Her book Cancer Free For Life contains many alternative ways to cure yourself of cancer today!!! Visit www.cancer-free-for-life.com to claim your FREE report 10 Ways to Cure Cancer in audio and pdf format. 

Can You Attract Health?

January 15, 2007

From the desk of Dr Magne, author with Wallace D. Wattles of the Science of Being Well Home Study Course 


I’m going to challenge your belief system. 

I’m going to tell you exactly why you get sick, and what happens when you are healthy. 

I want to give you access to some extraordinary principles that seem to fly in the face of logic, but nonetheless are at work in your life every moment of your day. 

There is a Law put in place that permeates the entire Universe. It is called the Law of Attraction. And while this idea is generally associated with the new age and metaphysical communities, it is in fact, a Law. This means that there is no one entity in the Universe that is ‘immune’ to it. 


You need to have a basic understanding of the building blocks of our Universe. You see, at the most basic physical level, we are 99% empty space. We are in fact, pure Energy. Quantum physics has been demonstrating this in unequivocal evidence. This Energy has a specific characteristic which you can use this to create a life beyond your wildest dreams.  

This amazing principle is so deeply engrained into the tissue of how our Universe works that regardless of what you think about it, it IS at work in your life. And the beautiful thing about it is that you have the power to redirect anything and everything in your experience. Which of course includes health.  

Everything has a specific and unique vibration. And EVERYTHING is Energy, including your thoughts, dreams, and passions. When two vibrations are in resonance, they attract each other. 

This manifests in subtle ways in our lives every day. We’ll be thinking about someone and they will call. You’ll think about something you want, and suddenly you obtain it through completely unexpected means. How does this happen? 


Every thought and feeling you have has a vibration. It’s resonating out into the Universe at a specific frequency, basically seeking a matching vibration — it’s the nature of Energy to do that. You are attracting a situation that is in perfect resonance with what you’re vibrating. When you do that, the Universe WILL respond appropriately every time. 

First, it is about learning to literally ATTRACT the appropriate events and circumstances into your life. And to remember how to attract more healthy vibrations into your life and your body. 

So you’re wondering how to utilize this Law of Attraction principle specifically. 

It’s quite a simple process, but not always so easy for everyone. Many people have all kinds of ‘stuff’ –limiting beliefs, negative thoughts — about what is possible or necessary to be healthy. It may take having the right genes, which is nothing you can anything about right now. Or it might be that you live in a highly polluted area, so what can you do about it? Really, these germs just attacked you, everyone’s got the flu at the office.  You may have had many models in your life that have demonstrated this to be ‘true’.  

However, there is NO Truth to it. It’s simply a belief. And if that belief runs through you, it affects your energetic vibration — your frequency — and limits what you can attract into your experience no matter how much you consciously want something different. 

To attract something into your experience, even health, you have to go from ‘wanting’ it, to feeling that you already have it. There is a very specific vibration to ‘wanting’. It implies you don’t have it. The feeling that you don’t have it causes your vibration to attract only more of ‘you don’t have it’. It’s simply responding appropriately as it always will. 

Instead you have to take the idea of ‘visualizing health’ to a whole new level ‘ because simple visualization without emotion does not serve to attract anything. The attraction starts at the level of your emotion. Changing your emotion is what changes your frequency, and thus changes what you will attract. 

You need to be clear exactly how you will feel as a result of being healthy. Are you? Is this about how you want to feel, or about what you really want to be able to do with your life? This is a major distinction, and a very important concept. Don’t make this about health and the state of your body right now.  

Being very clear on this FEELING that you’re going after will accelerate results in every single area of your life — not just health. What do you want to feel? To the extent that you can conjure up that feeling, you then change your ‘attraction frequency’, thus you begin to attract to you the circumstances necessary to perpetuate or match that feeling that you have. Imagine yourself when you are fully strong and healthy, the way you used to feel a long time ago, a long time before… think what health can bring you? Would you go back to the gym? Would you take a holiday? Does that mean you would see your grand-children grow up? Would you go back to school?This takes some discipline. There is often ‘stuff’ that comes up. You should know that all that ‘stuff’ is simply disturbances in your energy system, and nothing more. It can all be dealt with and eliminated through a variety of techniques that I discuss in the Science of Being Well Home Study Course. 

Feel the body fully healthy. 

Do you want a BIG change, or a smaller one? You can have either. The Law of Attraction doesn’t care. It doesn’t know ‘big and small’. Those are concepts that we (humans) made up, and are totally ‘perception’ basically illusion. 

What counts is how you feel. 


Sometimes you’ll be confronted with issues of ‘deserving’. You’ll realize that somewhere within you, you have a belief that extraordinary success is beyond you, or that you aren’t worthy of it somehow. There is, of course, absolutely no truth to that whatsoever.  

This again is another limited emotion and belief that CAN be eliminated with just the slightest amount of training. Your negative vibrational frequency is all over the map as you go through various ‘roles’ during their day. This is the recipe for mediocrity at best.  

But if you believe you are here to be healthy and accomplish all that you are capable of — perhaps something specific — I invite you to begin to intentionally envision unreasonable success for yourself. What does success mean to you? What do you truly want as a result of amazing vitality? Is it time? Freedom? Peace? For the most part, these are the types of things people are really seeking. I invite you to shift the amount of energy you spend on a day to day basis from what you think ‘needs to be done in order to’ and instead give some time to how wonderful you’re going to feel when you’ve achieved renewed health, and get into the feeling of having it now. 

This process may sound very bizarre to many. It doesn’t seem, on the surface, to make sense. But we are not talking at the level of ‘surface’. We’re looking much deeper — at a highly scientific, albeit complex — level of what we’re truly made up of beyond the skin and bones we consider ourselves to be. When you can open your mind to some slightly advanced concepts, you will begin to tap into an incredible power that has ALWAYS been at work in your life, and has always been at your disposal to use. 

Unfortunately we are never taught these things, because not that many people have looked seriously at them, or know anything about them. And this doesn’t make them any less true. Further, there ARE many who do intentionally use these principles every day and know unreasonable success in ALL areas of their life. 

Just give it a try for a while and see what happens. You have absolutely nothing to lose. It’s something you can do in private. It costs you nothing, and can gain you everything. 

Feel health in your body right now. Run a movie in your mind of EXACTLY how you’d like your body to feel and be capable of doing, but pay total attention to how you FEEL about experiencing health in the ‘now’ moment of visualizing it. Make the feelings as intense and realistic as possible. Imagine the sensations on every sensory level — any sights, sounds, smell, feelings, etc. that you can generate will help you ‘fine tune’ the vibration so that you attract exactly what you want. All of those nuances have to do with eliminating resistance to attracting what you truly want. In The Science of Being Well Home Study Course, there are many examples and explanations on how your thoughts create your health. Health can be greatly assisted with the quality of your thoughts. Visit the site today and claim your FREE report of the First Secret To Creating Abundant Health. You will learn more about creating health simply and effectively.  

From the desk of Dr Magne, author of Cancer Free For Life Here are some simple techniques to help you lower your level of stress and reinforce your immune systemMost people are fortunate if they receive 7 hours of sleep a night. But it takes at least 8 in order to rejuveinate the body and strengthen the immune system. It is during sleep that the body renews itself, heals itself, while the mind gets a rest from constant stimulation. Those 8 hours of zzzzzz’s allow for enhancement of the thought processes of the brain.

Stretching not only lengthens the spine, it also increases alertness. Before you jump out of bed in the morning, stop and stretch. Don’t jump…ease yourself out of bed.

Turn your shower into a treat instead of a routine. Alternate the hot and cold water to boost circulation. This boost will banish sluggish behaviours.

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s true! Simply eating breakfast will aid in lasting out the morning with more energy. Take time in the morning and eat something healthy.

Snacking during the day is great, providing that the snacks are healty. Avoid sugary snacks. They provide a false sense of energy that remains short lived. Instead, grab a apple or granola.

It is amazing how completing just one nagging task will make a person feel great. Find that little chore that has become a short term goal and complete it. That which once seemed overwhelming will become rewarding.

Do something to treat yourself. We all desearve a reward for the numerous tasks we complete each day. Buy yourself flowers, take a walk. Just do something for yourself. It will lift your spirits and help you feel better about your day in general.

Music that tames the beast will also tame a hectic day. Play something that relaxes you. Or perhaps you need an uplifting break so listen to something with a good beat. The right music will induce a natural energy boost and put a smile on your face.  

End your day with a soothing, peaceful bath or massage. Aromas fill the room releaving stresses, soothing headaches and relaxes muscles. Try adding lavender to your bath.

Performing at least one of these activities will help to decrease your stress level, increase your energy level, boost your immune system and get you started on a path to a healthy lifestyle.

To learn more about the ways to heal the body of cancer and many more stories of spontaneous healing, visit www.cancer-free-for-life.com to download immediately a FREE report on the 10 Ways to Fight Cancer, valued at $29.00.  There, you will also be able to download your copy of Cancer Free For Life.

Where Did Your Mind Go?

November 14, 2006

Where Is YOur Mind When It Should Be Looking After Your Body? 

From the desk of Dr Magne, author of The Science of Being Well Home Study Course. 

Science is discovering more and more often that our mind has a lot of power to keep our body well. Our thoughts and beliefs seem to have an impact on the body. That in itself is a scary thought. Search this blog for more articles on this very topic of the power of the mind over the body. 

But if that is so, then where is the mind? Is your mind on your body? Are you thinking about your body? Not most of the time. Not unless it’s sick, or making you uncomfortable, or you’re in pain.

 Most of the time, you’d be hard pressed to even tell where your mind is. It’s probably aimlessly wandering around what you have to do today, what you didn’t do today, where the money went, where the money didn’t go that it should have, where is the money coming from, where your kids are, where your kids are not, where your spouse is. No, better not think of that. Your mind is out of control, wandering all over the place, like a crazy monkey. 

We actually squander our day and our mental resources in useless musings that are most often not conducive to health, or to relaxation. Out of the thousands of thoughts we have in one day, most are likely to be worrisome, depressing, and having a negative impact on our health and well-being.  

We are never in the present moment and our normal state of mind is severely suboptimal. It’s more asleep than awake, in the sense that it is mostly unaware of its own wanderings and musings. Your body is here, and your mind is someplace else. In that state, you can’t function at your best. It’s the normal state of affairs but it leaves us out of touch with a great deal of life, including our bodies. Most people are really frightened of their bodies, or they don’t even like them very much, or they’re afraid of growing old. All of this is usually happening below the surface of awareness, which means that our subconscious thoughts are creating a kind of prison for us, which regulates a lot of our behavior. We are never in the present moment.  

It would be well to start focus exercises to learn to tame the mind and put it under your control and put its resources to your own use. Several times a day, on the hour for instance, you can stop what you’re doing and take a look at your mind. Examine the thoughts that come across your internal landscape for the next few minutes. See how your thoughts jump from one association to another. Notice the positive thoughts, the ones that reinforce you, support you. Notice the negative thoughts, the ones that tear you down, the depressing ones. 

Ask yourself what thoughts serve you best. Can you control your thoughts, can you bring your mind back to the present? Absolutely. Can you do that easily? Not so easily. But you can do it.

 It takes practice. It takes awareness. The awareness comes in the  focus to attend to your thoughts, to witness them. They’re not good or bad. They are. Just examine them. You can always learn to change them soon. 

I’ll share with you a beautiful focusing exercise. Do you eat dry raisins? Do this at home, in a quiet moment. Take 3 dry raisins. No more than that. Only 3. Then slowly and deliberately, bring one raisin to your mouth. Observe the order from the brain to your mouth, observe your fingers closing around the small shape of the raisin. How does it feel in your hand? Is your mouth starting to water? Are you remembering previous raisins?Then slowly raise the first raisin to your lips. At what point can you start smelling it? Touch the raisin to your lips before you put it in your mouth.How does that feel?Then close your eyes, and slowly put the raisin in your mouth. Feel the weight of your arm bent over, where are the rest of your other fingers, the ones you’re not using?Then before you chew the raisin, feel it in your mouth. Saturate it with saliva. Feel it with your tongue. Move it around in your mouth. Then bite on it. How does that feel? What part of your teeth did you use? Was the raisin juicy? Was is dry? How does it taste like? Do you remember ever tasting a raisin like this?Then chew it slowly, to a pulp. There’s no hurry. Chew very deliberately. Then swallow it. Imagine it going down the pipe, to the stomach, and into your body. Imagine the processes that come into play.Then take the second raisin. 

Then the third. 

Reflect on your experience.You are learning to focus. 

This powerful exercise is yours to repeat as you wish, as often as you wish. There are many such exercises for your health, mental and physical, in the Home Study Course. Visit the website and download a free audio today!!!


Dr Magne

Author of The Science of Being Well Home Study Course

A customer contacted me, having this to say about cancer.Dr. Magne, 

Yes, I have downloaded your E-book and wanted to write feedback sooner. (…)  I think your cancer-free-for life is the most condensed book filled with useful information healing mind/body/connection i have ever seen. It’s terrific.!  I recently told you that my step-sister may have thyroid cancer. Her tests are suspicious and leaning towards cancer. But, from my family members who have talked with her (i’m not close, close) it sounds like she has her mind set on surgery and iodine radiation to kill her thyroid.   

So, it would not be appropriate for me to force this information on her when her mind is made up. i was told she has been researching and doing her homework before making her decision.   I am partial to natural healthcare and remedies myself and will utilize your information a lot.  (…)   So even if someone has cancer or “dis – ease”, it’s not easy to pass alternative information on to them UNLESS they have the open mind.  I think you just know when the time is right.   

Thank you very much for enlightening my life!!! 

Leah A, AZ

This was my response:

Welcome to my world! It’s so difficult to “know” some information, and not be able to pass it on.

My father is on his third bout with cancer, he won’t listen to me. My mother, who taught me meditation when I was a kid, bless her heart, is dying in extreme pain of osteoarthritis and claims the pain is too much to allow her to visualize.  

What can I say? I’ll give you a beautiful analogy a friend of mine shared with me for us ‘helpers’. 

Off the coast of Brittany, in France, there is a very dangerous whirlpool in the ocean where the most amazing, strongest fish swim. Fishermen go there in powerful boats, knowing full well that if they get caught in the whirlpool, they will die. But they want the thrill and the fish.

The CEO of Michelin Europe just died there fishing a few weeks ago. 

My friend is an alcoholic and he explains: “I am in the whirlpool of my own choosing. I know the risks. I make my choice. You can scream to me on the sideline that I am killing myself, that I will die. I know the dangers. You can scream until you’re blue in the face, you cannot change my addiction.”

“But you can hold your hand out and remind me that your hand is always extended. That I can count on you. Then I can go on with my choices, and if one day I change my mind, I trust and know your hand will be there.”

“As a lifeline.”

“And that’s important.” 

My dear Leah, It is very hard for us to see our loved one choosing a course that may not benefit them. In our opinion. But it is only our opinion. Who can know the life of another, until we have walked 24 hours in their mocassins. This is all that we can do: extend our hand.Live by example that maybe one day, they’ll change their mind. Or not. As you read through my book, Cancer Free For Life you now understand that your step-sister has thyroid cancer for a specific reason. All you can do is keep your hand extended. With love and without judgment, if you can. The judgment bit is a heart break.  

Petrea King, who lives in
Australia and who had Leukeamia at 36, runs workshops and seminars for cancer patients. She wrote -many- books. One title is significant:
sometimes hearts have to break. 

In their dis-ease, our loved ones teach us much.

Our hearts break.

Break open. 

InJoy and InHealth

Dr Magne,

author of Cancer Free For Life

Your Mind Can Make You Sick

November 3, 2006


From the desk of Laurence Magne, author of the Science of Being Well Home Study Course.  

“There is a growing tendency upon the part of the best informed physicians and other health practitioners, to accept the theory that all diseases begin when the brain of the individual is in a depleted or devitalized state. Stated in another way, it is a known fact that a person who has a perfectly vitalized brain is practically, if not entirely, immune from all manner of disease.”

 “Every intelligent health practitioner, of whatever school or type, knows that “Nature” or the mind cures disease in every instance where a cure is effected. Medicines, faith, laying on of hands, chiropractic, osteopathy and all other forms of outside stimulant are nothing more than artificial aids to NATURE, or, to state it correctly, mere methods to the end that it readjusts the cells and tissues of the body, revitalizes the brain and otherwise causes the human machine to function normally.” 

Those words were written by none other than Napoleon Hill in 1928. Yes, you read correctly, in 1928!!! 

Back in those days, advanced minds such as Napoleon Hill’s were already aware of the power of the mind over the body. Negative thoughts, when they happen outside of our awareness, and are not externalized, tend to fester in the body. Negative emotions have been proven to release negative neuropeptides that affect the ability of the immune system to carry its work of defending the body against viruses, bacteria and the development of tumors. A harmonized mind is a mind that thinks positive thoughts, that has learned to externalize all powerful emotions so that the person can accept his feelings, deal with them and move on.  A harmonized mind also leads a person to surround himself with positive energies, with people who are happy, who are positive.


This could be why laughter keeps being confirmed as one of the most effective methods to heal disease, and even cancer. Laugher is known to release in the brain the same chemicals released by morphine as a natural opiate that helps stop pain.

 This is how far our thoughts can influence our body and our state of health that laughter can curb cancer and stop its development, and that negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, worry, distress, emotional pain and trauma, and any form of continued stress are known agents in the development and growth of cancer.So what’s the solution? In the Science of Being Well Home Study Course, you will find many exercises and activities to bring yourself back to health, and techniques to retrain your thinking. http://www.thescienceofbeingwell.biz

Emotions are neither good or bad. They are the stuff of life. They are what we’re made of. Emotions only become bad when they are not externalized. The body then maintains the imprint of the negative emotion, and with enough reinforcement due to the repetition of the stress or the stimulus of the negative situation, and the person quickly becomes sick.

 Once we understand what makes us sick, and the part that we may play in our own illnesses, we then have tools and techniques at our disposal to return to health. Visit http://www.thescienceofbeingwell.biz/ today to learn more on how you too can reclaim your health with simple techniques that you can apply immediately.

From the desk of Dr Magne, author of the Science of Being Well Home Study Course.  

Whatever your current condition or health situation, you have a right to aspire to perfect health. And you can obtain it more easily than you think.

In The Science of Being Well, Wallace Wattles writes that there is The Principle of Health in a person, and when in full constructive activity, causes all the voluntary functions of his life to be perfectly performed. It is the Principle of Health in a person which really works all healing, no matter what “system” or “remedy” is employed, and this Principle of Health is brought into Constructive Activity by thinking in a Certain Way.  

What is this Principle of Health that causes all the voluntary functions of life to be performed perfectly? And what are the voluntary functions Mr Wattles refers to? These voluntary functions are discussed in more detail in Chapter 2 of The Science of Being Well.


Let’s look at the voluntary functions. We know that there are functions in the body which we believe is outside of our control: the manufacturing of insulin, the processing of the liver, the digestive process in the stomach, intestines, etc. The growth of our hair or our nails is also believed to be outside of our conscious, voluntary control.


Then those voluntary functions of the body include how we breathe, we do have control of that, and we also have a choice over what we eat, when and how often we eat, and also whether we exercise or not. Another activity that is within our voluntary control is sleep. How healing is your sleep really? Do you get to sleep deeply, without interruption, in a well-ventilated room and no noises? Very few of us have this luxury, yet it is an essential need of our body in order for it to maintain health and heal us.


Mr Wattles refers to those habitual activities in which we engage to sustain our body.


It has become a sad fact that we hardly pay attention to our eating. We tend to eat too fast, on the go, and to eat fast foods that we know contain very little nutritive value. Even the least informed of us is aware that macaroni and cheese, pizza or cakes are very pleasant to eat, satisfying to the senses, but contain very little nutritional value and do more harm than good to the body. Yet, we continue to indulge in these foods out of habits, the excuse that we are in a hurry, we’re pressured, we don’t have the time to cook at home or to prepare a lunch to take to work.

 Then we think it’s unfair when disease strikes us, but if we were to take the time to review our life, and those voluntary actions over which we have control, which are:Our eatingOur sleeping,Our breathing,Our taking of exercise, 

We would all acknowledge that we can plead guilty. Our daily regimen leaves a lot to be desired, and we have a myriad of excuses to justify why we let all these activities fall by the wayside and use up so little of our attention. Then disease strikes, along with fear and discomfort. That is the time we then decide that a lifestyle change might be in order.  

The scope of this article is that health is your birthright, and well within your reach to obtain, regain and maintain. It takes very little, other than a bit of concentration, to get your body-machine to work optimally for you for years to come. Visit Dr Magne’s website today to maintain or regain your health with simple techniques and ways of thinking and being that are already available to you today, and require only a few minutes of your time. Go to www.thescienceofbeingwell.biz . Your family will thank you for taking care of yourself. As Mr Wattles says, it is never a coincidence when a book or a Course comes into your hands. Just at the right time. Visit www.thescienceofbeingwell.biz today.

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