Healing Breast Cancer: What Is The Best Treatment for You?

August 9, 2006


From the office of Dr. Laurence Magne, author of www.cancer-free-for-life.com


For many women, hearing a diagnostic of breast cancer remains one of their greatest fears. 

Obviously, in the worst case scenario, such a diagnostic will end up being fatal and killing her.  With successful treatment, traditional medicine often ends up cutting off one or both breasts, which can kill her spirit.  This can hardly be sincerely referred to as healing breast cancer.


Once diagnosed, traditional cancer therapy has very little to offer most patients except partial hopes and reconstructive surgery.


Breast cancer is the most common malignant cancer affecting North American and European women.  Breast cancer occurs when one of the cells in the breast begins to replicate without boundaries, developing into tumors.  These tumors are what women generally discover as lumps during self-examination of their breasts.


The tumors are not always dangerous, so finding a lump is not automatic evidence of cancer.  A benign tumor is not cancerous and will not spread to other parts of the body.  A malignant tumor is cancerous and can potentially spread to invade other parts of the body.  If a tumor appears cancerous, a number of non-invasive tests will be run in an attempt to rule out malignancy.


After those tests, it may still be necessary to conduct a biopsy to determine for certain if a tumor is malignant.  Once the results are returned, if the tumor is malignant, then it is staged and a course of treatment suggested by the physician.


Surgery is almost always involved with what the traditional medical community calls healing breast cancer.  In the best of situations, this results in a lumpectomy.  This surgery only removes as much of the breast as necessary to remove the cancer from the patient.  A lumpectomy is always accompanied by radiation therapy, which carries with it many risks.  Of course, the patient is unlikely to need plastic surgery afterwards.


If the cancer has spread, the patient may be forced to undergo a partial or radical mastectomy, which leaves her looking quite different than she did before the surgery.  This change in appearance is often times as hard, or harder, for the patient to deal with than the cancer itself.


After undergoing painful and traumatic surgery, the physician will often recommend courses of chemotherapy as well.  Chemotherapy is a poison which attacks and kills replicating cells.  Cancer is a cell which replicates faster than normal, so the prescription of chemotherapy is a prescription for gambling wherein the physician bets the cancer dies before the patient.


Despite what most patients think, these are not the only therapies available; they are simply the only ones routinely available through traditional medicine.  For many physicians, they simply were not ever introduced to any alternatives to traditional therapy courses during medical school.  A mythology too often exists that, if it wasn’t taught in medical school, it must not be worth knowing.


For that reason, any patient who is sincere about healing breast cancer, must investigate treatment alternatives herself.  The very act of taking, and feeling, responsible for one’s own healing is often highly theraeutic.  As with any treatment, healing breast cancer takes place entirely in the patient, so taking that responsibility is imperative. However, by being informed, the breast cancer patient can find out that there are options out there that do not involve radical surgery. Many women have recovered completely and successfully from many forms of breast cancer. Healing breast cancer is an option that doesn’t always involve extreme treatments. Such techniques as a change of diet, visualization, meditation, can be helpful in the remission and healing of breast cancer. Just knowing that breast cancer can be healed using alternative methods is a powerful step in the direction of remission. You will find many such techniques in the ebook Cancer Free For Life, available for immediate download.


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