Curing Cancer One Step Closer

September 11, 2006

Curing Cancer Is One Step Closer 

From the desk of Dr Magne, author of http://www.Cancer-Free-For-Life.comGuy Dauncey,  co-chair of, writes that there are many ways to describe how our world came to be so affected by Cancer. Here is how the vicious cycle got started. 

It started with farming 200 years ago when the German chemist Justus von Liebig (1803-1873) wondered what soil was made from. He burnt some and found that the ashes contained potassium and phosphorus. So farmers began feeding their soil with fertilizer of potassium and phosphorus instead of organic matter. This has led to a dramatic loss of minerals in the soil. From 1940 to 2002, plants grown on modern farms have lost 47 % of their iron, 21 % of their magnesium and 100 % of their copper. (Except when they are grown organically.) Humans: 0— Cancer cells: 1 

The plants are now more susceptible to insects and pests, so farmers treat them with pesticides and fungicides. This seems to make the problems go away, but plants have evolved over millions of years and are extraordinarily successful at fighting off disease. When they sense an attack coming, they generate phytonutrients to defend themselves. When we eat those plants, we acquire their disease-fighting qualities. When the plants are no longer attacked by the insects and pests because the pesticides keep them away, they don’t generate the phytonutrients, so even if we eat our five servings of fruit and veggies a day, they won’t contain the disease-fighting properties we need. (Unless they have been grown organically.) Humans: 0 — Cancer cells: 2 

Our bodies need selenium too; it’s a natural Cancer-fighting agent. But the fertilizers bind to the selenium, inhibiting its uptake by plants. Mercury pollution and acid rain from burning fossil fuels also inhibit its uptake. Humans: 0 — Cancer cells: 3 

The food is harvested, but since the phytonutrients give fruit juice a bitter taste, and we prefer a sweet, smooth taste, they are removed by the bottlers. We also ship much of our fruit and vegetables in from Florida and
California, where they are picked before they are ripe, and before they have had a chance to develop phytonutrients. Humans: 0—
Cancer cells: 4

Meanwhile, people are eating more meat. This is good news for the cancer cells, because meat gives nowhere near the protection that plant foods do. Wherever people eat a vegetarian diet, they have less cancer. Humans: 0, — Cancer cells: 5 

What else do we eat? Sugar, of course! The average North American consumes 150 pounds of sugar, sucrose and fructose a year. This requires the pancreas to produce more insulin, raising our level of blood sugar, which the body stores as fat. The fat sends weird messages to our hormones (another cause of cancer) and sucks up toxic chemicals such as PCBs and chemical flame-retardants. This is great news for the cancer cells. Humans: 0 — Cancer cells: 6 

Because many people don’t like to get fat, however, the food industry uses sweeteners made from aspartame, which has “Warning: Cancer!” written all over it. Humans: 0 — Cancer cells: 7 

By now, we’re getting busy, so we sit our kiddies by the TV where the average child watches a junk food commercial every five minutes. By two years of age, 20 % of our babies are eating candy every day. The lack of exercise, combined with the sugar intake, makes them overweight. Then we feed them hot dogs, containing nitrite additives that form carcinogens. Humans: 0 — Cancer cells: 8 

Meanwhile, we are cooking our meat at high temperatures, eating baked goods and using microwaves. All this generates acrylamides, which are known to cause cancer in animals. Our fruits and veggies have pesticide residues (unless they have been grown organically), and our soft drinks contain ingredients that form benzene, another potent carcinogen. To make the junk food taste better, industry adds chemical colourants, flavourings and preservatives. Humans: 0 — Cancer cells: 9 

Finally, many mothers do all this during pregnancy, feeding their growing babies the worst possible diet. And still too many mothers fail to breastfeed, depriving their children of their full immune system development. Humans: 0— cancer cells: 10 

The way to turn the game around? Stop all the nonsense. Eat fresh, home-prepared, locally grown, organic, vegetarian food — raw where possible — with all its minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, antioxidants intact. Humans: 10 — Cancer cells: 0 

There are many causes for cancer, not the least of which is a predisposition in the environment. You must remember that we all carry cancer cells in our body. They are cells that modify themselves due to environmental stresses and emotional or physical stresses. The role of the immune system is to eliminate these cells, which it does in the course of its normal functioning. In, I explain the crucial role of the immune system in fighting Cancer, and suggest effective and natural methods for remaining Cancer-free. 

If you live in a stressful environment, share a house with someone with whom you are in a toxic relationship, if you are unhappy with your job, and eat foods that don’t support your body, then cancer is more likely to develop. Why? Because as more demands are put on the immune system, it attends to what it considers its priorities. It aims for survival. It will fight an infection before it fights cancer cells. If you are feeding it unhealthy foods, sugars, foods that are laden with pesticides and fungicides, it becomes weakened and has to work harder to conduct its normal duties. Your thoughts and emotions will also affect your immune system, and negative thoughts and hurtful emotions such as anger, depression, sadness, have been shown to depress and weaken the immune system. You must realize how vitally important it is for you to become aware of your every thought. Further, you must reclaim your life and your happiness. You do have a choice over the circumstances of your life, who inhabits it, what work you do. Your life depends on it! You too can be Cancer free!!! Today!!! 

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September Stress Buster

September 2, 2006

September is BACK TO SCHOOL month!!! The holidays are over, summer is almost over, the days are getting shorter, it’s getting cooler.

ARGGGGH!!! Who even wants to think about that? It means it’s time to go shopping for kids stuff, upgrade the computer, spend hours in crowded shops with stressed out mothers and excited children, all trying to get organized for the next school year.

And that’s before you even have to cope with the pile of work on your desk, sorting through the thousands of junk emails, making sure you don’t delete any important ones. You’re back at your desk, all the memories of the previous year flooding you, the raise you didn’t get, the clients you have to deal with, the problems with the warehouse, maybe even an office move or a new boss.

The memories of the beach, the sun drenched sails on the Med, or the country cottage with the gentle bird songs gently fade away to oblivion, as you become friends again with your Day Timer and glue your cell phone to your ear.

Welcome back to September!!!

Did you know that 90% of doctor’s visits are for stress-related symptoms? Did you know that studies have shown that biological stress can lead to disease unless controlled? Your health and state of well-being depend on you to learn to control and manage stress in your life.

Stress leads to tension, physical and emotional strain. This can cause problems like insomnia, headaches, problems concentrating, fatigue, weight loss and even suppress our immune system and cause cancer. Stress lowers your frustration tolerance, thereby predisposing you to become upset about the least irritation. In the short term, these changes will give you more strength to fight, say, a saber tooth tiger. But in today’s world these elaborate preparations are probably wasted.

Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations With God, tells a story of how he witnessed two ducks fighting. One duck felt that his territory had been invaded by the other, and a fierce crossing of beaks and much flapping of wings took place. Neale doesn’t state how the fight was won, but eventually, the ducks walked away from each other. After they reached a reasonable distance, they both shook their entire body, flapped their wings, and resumed their previous life as if nothing had happened. They had a strategy for removing the adrenalin and the anger out of their body. Maybe ducks have something to teach us.

Most people regard stress as a response we make to circumstances in which expectations of what we can do exceed our capacity to deliver. Not only can stress precipitate an emotional crisis; it can, if unremitting, also lead to disease and shorten your life. ”The nature of stress is not always the usual stuff that people think of. It’s not the external stress of war or money loss or somebody dying, it is actual the internal stress of having to adjust oneself to somebody else. Cancer, ALS, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, and these other conditions happen to people who have a poor sense of themselves as independent persons. On the emotional level, that is, they can be highly accomplished in the art, or intellectually, but on an emotional level, they have a poorly differentiated sense of self. They live in reaction to others without ever really sensing who they themselves are.”

In a healthy body, this synchronicity is perfectly regulated. Healthy people are firmly locked into these rhythms. When disease occurs, one of those rhythms has gone awry. Stress is the biggest disrupter. If you’re stressed, if you’re feeling hostility, your body’s balance gets thrown off. Stress breaks our connection with everything else. When you experience disease, some part of your body begins to get constricted. You cana learn easily how to bring your body back into balance!


As the author of Cancer Free For Life, which you find on, I am aware of the dangers of too much stress on your health. I have put together a special package, which is available only for the month of September, just when you need it the most.