The Secrets of Abundant Health

October 10, 2006

“Most People Spend Their Entire Lives Struggling With Disease, Even IF They’ve Read All The Books On How To Improve Their Health With Visualization, Visited Heaps of Therapists and Doctors… Because They’re Blind To One Principle of Health…”

From The Desk of:

Vancouver, Canada

My friend,…

  I’ll never forget the day before I created what you’re about to listen to…

  As you’ve probably noticed… this is true. The evidence for it is all around us… Maybe you’ve even experienced it in your own life…

  Everywhere you go…

  People are struggling with trying to achieve good health!

  For most people, constantly living with illness and pain is a common day-to-day thing. Living in pills, doctors’ visits, hospitals or the fear of a worsening diagnostic, is also considered normal.

   It’s not true that we don’t want to live better, to get healthy or improve our well-being… not at all…

  In fact, if you watch closely you’ll see that people do try very hard.   I’m sure you do too.

  In fact, I know you do. You do your very best. For the most part of my life, that’s what I did…But …Somehow… for some reason, most of the time what you want just keeps getting further away…

 Most People Struggle Their Entire Lives,
“One Step Forward, Two Steps Back…”
Here’s Why:

  Haven’t you ever wondered why this happens?

  When you look around, most people tend to live in a world of never ending health issues. One thing after the other….

  Some people set goals, enroll in a gym membership, try a new diet or a new pill, they find a new therapist or a new treatment… and even that doesn’t seem to help, or does very little.


   Some rare people tend to maintain vibrant health, they’re happier, less stressed, more relaxed, they never get sick… almost as if everything they touch turns to gold.

  (If you haven’t met someone like this yet, don’t worry, there’s not that many of them, but you certainly can live like that, let me show you how.)

  So why do we struggle in the first place? Well, it’s actually quite simple…

How I Finally Figured Out
How To Enjoy A Healthy Life, And Stop Being Sick

  My friend, before I go on with my short story… if you haven’t yet met me, my name is Dr Laurence Magne

  To make a long story short,… for over 20 years, I’ve been studying and researching the origins of disease and how to remain healthy.

 I was told that if I didn’t eat meat every day, I would hurt myself, and become weak and ill. And for some reason, this didn’t feel right to me. Well,… being a vegetarian wasn’t even on my list of considerations back then…

  I won’t bore you with all the details of the past… It’s hardly important.

  What’s important for you to know is that at one point, I was very fortunate to discover that our body is very much affected by the food we eat, but also and more importantly, by the thoughts we keep and the way we talk to ourselves inside our head. This affected my day-to day-existence so much, so quickly, that I owe it my health and youthful looks right now at age 50. What I discovered makes even my younger friends why I look better than they do and they wonder what I do to keep so fit and healthy.

  On the outside, here’s what’s happened.

   I got involved in competitive skydiving and became French Champion. The same year, in training, I was experimenting with a new type of parachute, the ‘wings’ that are now popular and a common sight.

   Back then, they were new and unreliable. I had a malfunction, and eventually landed in a violent heap. But before I did, I also had the opportunity to look at my situation, and admit that I was looking at a dramatic outcome and that death might very well welcome me on the ground. .

  I ended up in the hospital on a Sunday morning, being a guinea pig for a resident medical student, who operated on my two broken arms, bound my sprained ankle and ignored my complaints of back pain.

  And yet… none of those things area really important… that’s not what really changed for me.

  What changed is the experience I had during the night, when my forearms swelled up inside the cast, I tore the catheters attached to me so I could sleep on my side, but couldn’t..

  In that moment, I got to experience outrageous physical pain first-hand… because I was only 20, in

France in those days, they didn’t provide morphine for such young patients. I suspect Aspirin was all the relief I received.

But what changed for me is that in the middle of the night, when I had to face the pain, I –eventually- discovered a place that I have researched and analyzed and taught to cancer patients and people in pain in general: I discovered a place where the pain stopped…

Since then, I have learned, and you may have heard of, techniques such as biofeedback, visualization, meditation. On my own, I took myself to a place where the pain had disappeared. My body still ached, but I had a choice as to how I felt about it…

…but, all those things are only dust in the wind…they aren’t truly important…

  There are many people far healthier than I am, older, who live a far more active  and busy lifestyle… That’s not what’s really important… Although what you’re about to discover will help you do those kinds of things very easily… the real change you’re about to discover is…

  How to create the state of health inside of yourself…

  What do I mean by this?

  It’s THE Reason Why People Struggle,
And Live With Sickness, Disease And Cancer!

  The reason why people struggle is because they deny (notice I underline the word “deny”)

  They DENY that there may be a cause to disease inside themselves. What do I mean?

  The common belief is …

  “It is not my fault that I am sick. nothing I do or think has any bearing on my general state of health. If I change my job, my husband, my environment, what is happening around me, then I will finally be happy, healthy, never have to worry about disease again, have a great relationship, etc.”

  “This treatment is just not working for me. I’ve tried everything, it’s not my fault.”

 “Our environment is full of carcinogenics. And anyway, my father (mother, grand-parent) had this disease, it runs in the family.”

  The truth is…

  Everything in your OUTSIDE life is a direct reflection of your inner mental, and emotional state.

  The outside world is simply a mirror for what’s happening inside of you. The only true way to create lasting health in your life is to start at the center of it all…YOU!Have you heard enough? Are you ready to download your free version of the CD now?Click Here To Grab This FREE audio file Now…

  You see,… right now I don’t’ even worry about being in a group who has a cold. I don’t worry about bird flu epidemic. I don’t consider my family medical history anymore. It really wouldn’t matter.


Because I discovered what causes disease! I know where disease comes from and what makes us sick.  Well, I know what I need to do to stay young and healthy, and to live in joy every day… AND… there is one thing you can never take away from someone…

You Can’t Take Away Their Inner
State Of Health and Joy!

   If your inner state is one of scarcity and struggle, blame and excuses, it won’t matter if you had all the best diet books, access to the best medical doctors and therapists today, you quickly go back to right where you were in a matter of months or days.

  If your inner state is one of wholeness of body and mind,  and positive regard for yourself… every moment will take your breath away as life constantly sends you what you want… in all aspects of your life…

  In the end, once you learn how to master permanent health, you won’t really care about all the germs you come in contacts with, the diseases you are exposed to, or even all the outside stuff you accumulate, you’ll enjoy health, you constantly attract it, but as a human-being, you live much more rooted to life, you feel more alive… as you live your life in vitality, joy, and stamina, instead of fear, lack, and victim-consciousness…

  So the next question is, how do you create this state of inner vitality?

  Well, the answer is obvious, but not easy to see right away,… as always with these kinds of things… 🙂

  The answer is…  You don’t need to create this state… it’s already there… you just don’t see it yet, just like I didn’t see it when I was struggling…. and that’s what I can help you with. That’s what I reveal to you on this FREE CD.

  No one can give you this state… If I were to say “I’m going to teach you, or give you this,” it would imply that you don’t have it… It would imply that it’s something you’ve got to work for, wait for, or struggle for…

…and, that’s just another form of living in scarcity and lack!

  Are you catching on?

  Here’s how it works.

  The Secret To Creating An Unlimited State Of Health In Your Life

  First, what is Health? Health can be said to be the absence of pain, discomfort, unpleasant symptoms, and the ability to enjoy good things in your life…without any ‘effort’, or ‘struggle’… on your part.

  I know what you’re probably thinking… ‘Come on, you’re telling me all I have to do to remain healthy for the rest of my life is to listen to one CD, and that can create vibrant health in my life? Get real, Doc.’

  How do I know that 🙂 ? Well, I get many e-mails just like that, telling me exactly that!

  The answer is obvious.

  Consider the fact that it takes believing and thinking only ONE thing in your life to make life on Earth a living hell, an endless struggle where you try hard, never really succeed, and when you do get what you want, it turns out to be not what you thought you wanted or needed… not nearly as fulfilling as you thought what you wanted would be.

  The challenge is…

  99.9999% of all people on this Planet, for now, believe and do that one thing.

  So it’s really not much about ‘learning’ anything new… but about ‘unlearning’ and forgetting that which doesn’t serve you anymore…which can be a very liberating thing 🙂 And definitely has been in my life.It’s really about remembering the state of health that your body knows and that is your birthright.It’s accessing the healthy blueprint that your body holds at the DNA level to erase the negative imprints of many years of negative thinking and negative behaving.

  So how am I going to share this with you?

    I am going to share with you the results of 25 years of research, and explain to you how I discovered what causes disease in this amazing audio file that reveal the very essence of these simple truths of health with you…

  It’s rare that you get to learn about health , vitality, and well-being not as a mountain that needs to be conquered, but as a breath of fresh air to be invited into your life… effortlessly.

  And you’ll realize that it’s also rare to have someone explain it in a simple way, which you can start to use in your life right away.

  All this research is now available to you in a convenient FREE audio Cd.

  And… I want you to have this audio file for free, as a gift to you… I figured why not give away something powerful to aid you on your journey to health this year? …If you are ready to listen to this audio filenow, you can download it absolutely free.  The audio file is yours absolutely free, at no extra charge. If you decide you would like to receive the hard version, I will only charge you for shipping and handling. But you don’t have to wait for a snail mail delivery and you can listen now.


Click Here To Grab This FREE CD Now…

  Here’s some of the things which will reveal themselves to you in The Secret Of Creating Health’

    Stop yourself from being sick ever again

  Recognize a cancer-prone personality. Develop the skills of well people.
  The simplest, fastest way to create the state of inner abundance, every single day… (This is so easy, and the moment you start doing it, everyone around you will notice something “different” about you… just send them to this web-site when they ask you about it)
  The one thing that almost everyone does over and over again with regards to money, that puts a cork in how much money you’ll ever have…

Click Here To Grab This FREE CD Now…
The CD is absolutely free, all we ask is that you pay the shipping and handling. The CD is yours at no extra charge.

Special Note: There’s a limit of ONE CD per order…
Or we’ll run out!


PS. Why did I call it “The Secret Of Creating Abundant Health”? Well – it has to do with a story I talk about that explains why we struggle so hard in trying to attract abundant health and vitality into our lives. And it has to do with the secrets that I reveal to you so you can create and reclaim your abundant health TODAY!!!

PPS. Health and well-being are already present in your life, you just don’t see it most of the time, which is why you continue to struggle… That’s what this audio is going to help you with

  If you don’t grab this audio today, ask yourself “Why am I not taking this today?” … the answer will probably be the same story and reasoning your mind gives you to talk you out of all good things which life tries to give you all the time!

  For example, if the reasoning in your head is … “I just don’t have the time to listen it…”

  The story of “I don’t have time”, is most likely what stops you from everything else. What’s your story?

  Either way, a pain and disease free life is right in front of you, even right now… right now, I’m taking the form of health for you in this moment…all you need to do is reach out and take what I’m giving you 🙂 It’s free, I can’t make it any easier.

  Well, I could, by delivering it to you personally… but I chose to have a CD fulfillment company do that for you instead 🙂 Take this!

PPPS.   One last thing…

  Invite health and a disease-free lifestyle into your life, it will come to you, you don’t need to chase it. Not anymore, anyway 🙂 As you’ve noticed, life never works when you try to force it. The way you can invite abundance right now, is to grab this audio file, it’s absolutely free!  Health is knocking at your door, open it!

Click here to grab “The Secret of Abundant Health” right now!

To Your Vibrant Health,

Dr Magne

Dr Magne


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