Think Yourself Back To Health

October 14, 2006


From the desk of Dr Magne, author of the Science Of Being Well Home Study Course 


Wallace Wattles, who wrote The Science of Being Well, explains how one is able to call on his own inner resource to regain health. “Your getting well does not depend upon the adoption of some system, or the finding of some remedy; people with your identical ailments have been healed by all systems and all remedies. It does not depend upon climate; some people are well and others are sick in all climates. It does not depend upon avocation, unless in case of those who work under poisonous conditions; people are well in all trades and professions.

Your getting well depends upon your beginning to think – and act – in a Certain Way.

The way a person thinks about things is determined by what he believes about them. His thoughts are determined by his faith, and the results depend upon his making a personal application of his faith.

Faith, personally applied, cures. And no matter how great the faith or how persistent the thought, it will not cure without personal application. The Science of Being Well, then, includes the two fields of thought and action.

A person is a thinking center, capable of originating thought, and as he does not know everything, he makes mistakes and thinks error. Not knowing everything, he believes things to be true which are not true. A person holds in his thought the idea of diseased and abnormal functioning and conditions, and so perverts the action of the Principle of Health, causing diseased and abnormal functioning and conditions within his own body.”

The power of our thoughts is so powerful that it is now being demonstrated by such researchers as Candace Pert, the author of the Molecules of Emotion, Laurence Magne, in Cancer Free For Life, which can be purchased on the website of the same name,, and in general the field of Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI) that our thoughts influence the molecular structure of our body. For instance, it is now a generally accepted fact that the onset of cancer in 80% of cases is preceded in the previous 3 years by a major trauma like a death of a spouse, a relocation, a divorce. As James Allen wrote, As we think, so we become. I have created for your education a complimentary CD which contains the 5 secrets to creating abundant health. It is my goal and my purpose to educate you to reclaim your health, using simple techniques that will keep you away from surgery, chemotherapy, and can ensure that you remain vibrantly healthy for the rest of your life.

You deserve to reclaim your health today. You owe it to yourself and your family. Claim your complimentary CD today by visiting and download a copy immediately.

It is your right to know the inner abilities you have that can help you to remain fit and healthy, thereby living the life of your dreams. Because once you conquer the basic principles of health as outlined on this complimentary CD, you will also know how to control your thoughts, and you will have learned how disease is created first in the mind.



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