Halloween Causes Cancer in Adults

October 20, 2006

 Friday 20 October,
Canada –


Fear will provoke acidity in the body. Anything that provokes negativity in the body will have a chemical reaction that will cause the body to become acidic. And science shows as confirmed from many studies that acidity in the body increases the risks of cancer.


Let’s take a serious look at Halloween. Dr Magne maintains that somewhere in Halloween is the celebration of fear. People like to be afraid. So they wear scary make believe ghosts and witches costumes, pretending that all is well in the world. Children are dressed in ugly scary costumes and sent for door to door.


She asks whether parents should really wonder for a moment whether their kids are safe going from door to door collecting candy? Who will answer the door and won’t some pervert be lurking there ready to take advantage of them?


Next, it is an established fact that the children will want to eat ALL the candy at once, ruin their appetite, and who knows what untold damage they are doing to their body with the chemicals and colorants they’re ingesting?


However, there is a more insidious level of fear. This one occurs at the unconscious level. Halloween triggers memories of childhood Halloween, and possibly times when we were scared, and knew no relief from the fear. Even though these fears are deep within, they are still triggered and brought to the surface of consciousness during the celebrations.


Of course, ghosts and witches and gremlins don’t exist. There’s nothing to fear there. But what of the sighting of UFOs, crop circles around the world, and mysterious happenings in some places and houses? What about those? What is really known about all this?


So fear settles itself a bit more deeply in our psyche, and the consequences start developing in the body. Cancer cells are present in everyone’s body. Even the healthiest. Cancer is a normal occurrence in the body. Cells degenerate, mutate and die. The role of a strong immune system is to correct and clean up these cells, to track them down to dispose of them. The immune system does that beautifully when people are fit and healthy, with a proper diet, a healthy dose of regular exercises, good sleep and good water to drink.


The immune system starts having problems dealing with cancer cells when it is stressed by various methods. Fear is one. Stress in general is another, and stress has been shown to be a leading cause of cancer.


So what can be done, during Halloween, and at other times? How can stress possibly be reduced when there is so much to do, so much to worry about?


Dr Magne recommends that you relax! Help is at hand.


There are simple and effective ways to reduce fear and stress immediately, and help reinforce the immune system.One simple and effective way to reinforce your immune system is to get a good night sleep. Not just once. Every night!  

25 years of research conducted by Dr Magne reveal that sleep should include at least 6 to 7 hours of deep restful sleep. The sleeping room should be well-ventilated so that the carbon monoxide that is exhaled can be replaced with clean oxygen during the in breath. The room should be dark, and quiet. Taking any of these measures today ensures that sleep becomes restful and an opportunity for the body to heal.


Of course, the mind may be over-active and stop people from sleeping. A few relaxation exercises and deep breathing can help fall into restful sleep quickly.

Next, Dr Magne recommends that people drink lots of pure filtered water. Toxins in the body are eliminated through the kidneys thanks to the water they drink. This doesn’t recommend to drink tea, coffee or carbonated drinks. Those don’t count and are more likely to add toxins to the body. I said pure filtered water. Drinking as many as 6 to 8 glasses a day is a good measure. Drinking more water has been shown to cure disease like Asthma. Angina. Hypertension. Migraine headaches. Arthritis pain. Back pain. Colitis pain and chronic constipation. Heartburn and hiatal hernia. Depression. Chronic fatigue syndrome. High cholesterol. Morning sickness. Overweight problems. Even heart problems needing bypass surgery. All these disease conditions responded simply and permanently to water. Ordinary water. These properties of water in healing are discussed in more details in the book Cancer Free For Life

Finally, another major component of stress is the amount of things people try to accomplish in one day. There may be household machines to help with housework, computers, the internet, but the day seems to have fewer hours than 24, and there always seem to be more to do. Dr Magne explains that one step to help relieve stress is to stop adding to the list of things to do. Today becomes an opportunity to stop adding things to the list. Many tasks performed during your day that are not necessary or essential. The world wouldn’t stop if they didn’t get done today. Or tomorrow.

Dr Magne’s prescription for avoiding cancer during the Halloween celebrations is simple: drink a glass of filtered water, go take a nap and file your To Do List away for a rainy day.

Dr Magne has been investigating the origins of disease and cancer for the past 25 years. She is a PhD on the mechanisms of spontaneous healing. She is the author of Cancer Free For Life, http://www.cancer-free-for-life.com She is a regular contributor to http://www.alternative-health-ebooks.com where she writes articles on healing cancer and strengthening the immune system. She produces audios, downloable books and home study courses on the healing system and healthy living using the mind/body/spirit connection involved in spontaneous healing.


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