Your Mind Can Make You Sick

November 3, 2006


From the desk of Laurence Magne, author of the Science of Being Well Home Study Course.  

“There is a growing tendency upon the part of the best informed physicians and other health practitioners, to accept the theory that all diseases begin when the brain of the individual is in a depleted or devitalized state. Stated in another way, it is a known fact that a person who has a perfectly vitalized brain is practically, if not entirely, immune from all manner of disease.”

 “Every intelligent health practitioner, of whatever school or type, knows that “Nature” or the mind cures disease in every instance where a cure is effected. Medicines, faith, laying on of hands, chiropractic, osteopathy and all other forms of outside stimulant are nothing more than artificial aids to NATURE, or, to state it correctly, mere methods to the end that it readjusts the cells and tissues of the body, revitalizes the brain and otherwise causes the human machine to function normally.” 

Those words were written by none other than Napoleon Hill in 1928. Yes, you read correctly, in 1928!!! 

Back in those days, advanced minds such as Napoleon Hill’s were already aware of the power of the mind over the body. Negative thoughts, when they happen outside of our awareness, and are not externalized, tend to fester in the body. Negative emotions have been proven to release negative neuropeptides that affect the ability of the immune system to carry its work of defending the body against viruses, bacteria and the development of tumors. A harmonized mind is a mind that thinks positive thoughts, that has learned to externalize all powerful emotions so that the person can accept his feelings, deal with them and move on.  A harmonized mind also leads a person to surround himself with positive energies, with people who are happy, who are positive.


This could be why laughter keeps being confirmed as one of the most effective methods to heal disease, and even cancer. Laugher is known to release in the brain the same chemicals released by morphine as a natural opiate that helps stop pain.

 This is how far our thoughts can influence our body and our state of health that laughter can curb cancer and stop its development, and that negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, worry, distress, emotional pain and trauma, and any form of continued stress are known agents in the development and growth of cancer.So what’s the solution? In the Science of Being Well Home Study Course, you will find many exercises and activities to bring yourself back to health, and techniques to retrain your thinking.

Emotions are neither good or bad. They are the stuff of life. They are what we’re made of. Emotions only become bad when they are not externalized. The body then maintains the imprint of the negative emotion, and with enough reinforcement due to the repetition of the stress or the stimulus of the negative situation, and the person quickly becomes sick.

 Once we understand what makes us sick, and the part that we may play in our own illnesses, we then have tools and techniques at our disposal to return to health. Visit today to learn more on how you too can reclaim your health with simple techniques that you can apply immediately.


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