Where Did Your Mind Go?

November 14, 2006

Where Is YOur Mind When It Should Be Looking After Your Body? 

From the desk of Dr Magne, author of The Science of Being Well Home Study Course. 

Science is discovering more and more often that our mind has a lot of power to keep our body well. Our thoughts and beliefs seem to have an impact on the body. That in itself is a scary thought. Search this blog for more articles on this very topic of the power of the mind over the body. 

But if that is so, then where is the mind? Is your mind on your body? Are you thinking about your body? Not most of the time. Not unless it’s sick, or making you uncomfortable, or you’re in pain.

 Most of the time, you’d be hard pressed to even tell where your mind is. It’s probably aimlessly wandering around what you have to do today, what you didn’t do today, where the money went, where the money didn’t go that it should have, where is the money coming from, where your kids are, where your kids are not, where your spouse is. No, better not think of that. Your mind is out of control, wandering all over the place, like a crazy monkey. 

We actually squander our day and our mental resources in useless musings that are most often not conducive to health, or to relaxation. Out of the thousands of thoughts we have in one day, most are likely to be worrisome, depressing, and having a negative impact on our health and well-being.  

We are never in the present moment and our normal state of mind is severely suboptimal. It’s more asleep than awake, in the sense that it is mostly unaware of its own wanderings and musings. Your body is here, and your mind is someplace else. In that state, you can’t function at your best. It’s the normal state of affairs but it leaves us out of touch with a great deal of life, including our bodies. Most people are really frightened of their bodies, or they don’t even like them very much, or they’re afraid of growing old. All of this is usually happening below the surface of awareness, which means that our subconscious thoughts are creating a kind of prison for us, which regulates a lot of our behavior. We are never in the present moment.  

It would be well to start focus exercises to learn to tame the mind and put it under your control and put its resources to your own use. Several times a day, on the hour for instance, you can stop what you’re doing and take a look at your mind. Examine the thoughts that come across your internal landscape for the next few minutes. See how your thoughts jump from one association to another. Notice the positive thoughts, the ones that reinforce you, support you. Notice the negative thoughts, the ones that tear you down, the depressing ones. 

Ask yourself what thoughts serve you best. Can you control your thoughts, can you bring your mind back to the present? Absolutely. Can you do that easily? Not so easily. But you can do it.

 It takes practice. It takes awareness. The awareness comes in the  focus to attend to your thoughts, to witness them. They’re not good or bad. They are. Just examine them. You can always learn to change them soon. 

I’ll share with you a beautiful focusing exercise. Do you eat dry raisins? Do this at home, in a quiet moment. Take 3 dry raisins. No more than that. Only 3. Then slowly and deliberately, bring one raisin to your mouth. Observe the order from the brain to your mouth, observe your fingers closing around the small shape of the raisin. How does it feel in your hand? Is your mouth starting to water? Are you remembering previous raisins?Then slowly raise the first raisin to your lips. At what point can you start smelling it? Touch the raisin to your lips before you put it in your mouth.How does that feel?Then close your eyes, and slowly put the raisin in your mouth. Feel the weight of your arm bent over, where are the rest of your other fingers, the ones you’re not using?Then before you chew the raisin, feel it in your mouth. Saturate it with saliva. Feel it with your tongue. Move it around in your mouth. Then bite on it. How does that feel? What part of your teeth did you use? Was the raisin juicy? Was is dry? How does it taste like? Do you remember ever tasting a raisin like this?Then chew it slowly, to a pulp. There’s no hurry. Chew very deliberately. Then swallow it. Imagine it going down the pipe, to the stomach, and into your body. Imagine the processes that come into play.Then take the second raisin. 

Then the third. 

Reflect on your experience.You are learning to focus. 

This powerful exercise is yours to repeat as you wish, as often as you wish. There are many such exercises for your health, mental and physical, in the Home Study Course. Visit the website and download a free audio today!!!


Dr Magne

Author of The Science of Being Well Home Study Course


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  1. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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