Can You Attract Health?

January 15, 2007

From the desk of Dr Magne, author with Wallace D. Wattles of the Science of Being Well Home Study Course 


I’m going to challenge your belief system. 

I’m going to tell you exactly why you get sick, and what happens when you are healthy. 

I want to give you access to some extraordinary principles that seem to fly in the face of logic, but nonetheless are at work in your life every moment of your day. 

There is a Law put in place that permeates the entire Universe. It is called the Law of Attraction. And while this idea is generally associated with the new age and metaphysical communities, it is in fact, a Law. This means that there is no one entity in the Universe that is ‘immune’ to it. 


You need to have a basic understanding of the building blocks of our Universe. You see, at the most basic physical level, we are 99% empty space. We are in fact, pure Energy. Quantum physics has been demonstrating this in unequivocal evidence. This Energy has a specific characteristic which you can use this to create a life beyond your wildest dreams.  

This amazing principle is so deeply engrained into the tissue of how our Universe works that regardless of what you think about it, it IS at work in your life. And the beautiful thing about it is that you have the power to redirect anything and everything in your experience. Which of course includes health.  

Everything has a specific and unique vibration. And EVERYTHING is Energy, including your thoughts, dreams, and passions. When two vibrations are in resonance, they attract each other. 

This manifests in subtle ways in our lives every day. We’ll be thinking about someone and they will call. You’ll think about something you want, and suddenly you obtain it through completely unexpected means. How does this happen? 


Every thought and feeling you have has a vibration. It’s resonating out into the Universe at a specific frequency, basically seeking a matching vibration — it’s the nature of Energy to do that. You are attracting a situation that is in perfect resonance with what you’re vibrating. When you do that, the Universe WILL respond appropriately every time. 

First, it is about learning to literally ATTRACT the appropriate events and circumstances into your life. And to remember how to attract more healthy vibrations into your life and your body. 

So you’re wondering how to utilize this Law of Attraction principle specifically. 

It’s quite a simple process, but not always so easy for everyone. Many people have all kinds of ‘stuff’ –limiting beliefs, negative thoughts — about what is possible or necessary to be healthy. It may take having the right genes, which is nothing you can anything about right now. Or it might be that you live in a highly polluted area, so what can you do about it? Really, these germs just attacked you, everyone’s got the flu at the office.  You may have had many models in your life that have demonstrated this to be ‘true’.  

However, there is NO Truth to it. It’s simply a belief. And if that belief runs through you, it affects your energetic vibration — your frequency — and limits what you can attract into your experience no matter how much you consciously want something different. 

To attract something into your experience, even health, you have to go from ‘wanting’ it, to feeling that you already have it. There is a very specific vibration to ‘wanting’. It implies you don’t have it. The feeling that you don’t have it causes your vibration to attract only more of ‘you don’t have it’. It’s simply responding appropriately as it always will. 

Instead you have to take the idea of ‘visualizing health’ to a whole new level ‘ because simple visualization without emotion does not serve to attract anything. The attraction starts at the level of your emotion. Changing your emotion is what changes your frequency, and thus changes what you will attract. 

You need to be clear exactly how you will feel as a result of being healthy. Are you? Is this about how you want to feel, or about what you really want to be able to do with your life? This is a major distinction, and a very important concept. Don’t make this about health and the state of your body right now.  

Being very clear on this FEELING that you’re going after will accelerate results in every single area of your life — not just health. What do you want to feel? To the extent that you can conjure up that feeling, you then change your ‘attraction frequency’, thus you begin to attract to you the circumstances necessary to perpetuate or match that feeling that you have. Imagine yourself when you are fully strong and healthy, the way you used to feel a long time ago, a long time before… think what health can bring you? Would you go back to the gym? Would you take a holiday? Does that mean you would see your grand-children grow up? Would you go back to school?This takes some discipline. There is often ‘stuff’ that comes up. You should know that all that ‘stuff’ is simply disturbances in your energy system, and nothing more. It can all be dealt with and eliminated through a variety of techniques that I discuss in the Science of Being Well Home Study Course. 

Feel the body fully healthy. 

Do you want a BIG change, or a smaller one? You can have either. The Law of Attraction doesn’t care. It doesn’t know ‘big and small’. Those are concepts that we (humans) made up, and are totally ‘perception’ basically illusion. 

What counts is how you feel. 


Sometimes you’ll be confronted with issues of ‘deserving’. You’ll realize that somewhere within you, you have a belief that extraordinary success is beyond you, or that you aren’t worthy of it somehow. There is, of course, absolutely no truth to that whatsoever.  

This again is another limited emotion and belief that CAN be eliminated with just the slightest amount of training. Your negative vibrational frequency is all over the map as you go through various ‘roles’ during their day. This is the recipe for mediocrity at best.  

But if you believe you are here to be healthy and accomplish all that you are capable of — perhaps something specific — I invite you to begin to intentionally envision unreasonable success for yourself. What does success mean to you? What do you truly want as a result of amazing vitality? Is it time? Freedom? Peace? For the most part, these are the types of things people are really seeking. I invite you to shift the amount of energy you spend on a day to day basis from what you think ‘needs to be done in order to’ and instead give some time to how wonderful you’re going to feel when you’ve achieved renewed health, and get into the feeling of having it now. 

This process may sound very bizarre to many. It doesn’t seem, on the surface, to make sense. But we are not talking at the level of ‘surface’. We’re looking much deeper — at a highly scientific, albeit complex — level of what we’re truly made up of beyond the skin and bones we consider ourselves to be. When you can open your mind to some slightly advanced concepts, you will begin to tap into an incredible power that has ALWAYS been at work in your life, and has always been at your disposal to use. 

Unfortunately we are never taught these things, because not that many people have looked seriously at them, or know anything about them. And this doesn’t make them any less true. Further, there ARE many who do intentionally use these principles every day and know unreasonable success in ALL areas of their life. 

Just give it a try for a while and see what happens. You have absolutely nothing to lose. It’s something you can do in private. It costs you nothing, and can gain you everything. 

Feel health in your body right now. Run a movie in your mind of EXACTLY how you’d like your body to feel and be capable of doing, but pay total attention to how you FEEL about experiencing health in the ‘now’ moment of visualizing it. Make the feelings as intense and realistic as possible. Imagine the sensations on every sensory level — any sights, sounds, smell, feelings, etc. that you can generate will help you ‘fine tune’ the vibration so that you attract exactly what you want. All of those nuances have to do with eliminating resistance to attracting what you truly want. In The Science of Being Well Home Study Course, there are many examples and explanations on how your thoughts create your health. Health can be greatly assisted with the quality of your thoughts. Visit the site today and claim your FREE report of the First Secret To Creating Abundant Health. You will learn more about creating health simply and effectively.  


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  1. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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